10 Things You May Not Know About REIPro

Chris Goff



#10 - Quick PropertyLookup

·      Search by Property Address

·      Search by APN #

·      Search by Owner Name


#9 -Comparable Sales – Clickable Address

·      Determining the best After Repaired Value (ARV) is also based on thecondition of sold properties.

·      When running comparable sales, click the address in the comps list andsearch for any pictures online to determine the condition of the property whenit was sold.

#8 - Searchfor Potential Equity in LEADPro

·      Determining the potential amount of equity in a property will help youmake smarter offers, which will increase the amount of deals you do.

·      Use the LTV filter in the ‘More’ filter box in LEADPro.


#7 - Self HelpSection of REIPro (Help Center)

·      Our Help Center is designed to help you find the answers to your mostpressing questions.

·      Our Live phone and chat support is available Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm(est)


#6 - Searchingfor Phone Numbers

·      Search for phone numbers in step 2 under any property that has been addedto REIPro.

·      Our skip trace report shows you unlisted and cell phone numbers as well asapproximate age, deceased indicator and when the phone number was lastreported.


#5 - Creatinga Duplicate Campaign in Direct Mail

·      Great for re-marketing a previous mailed campaign in direct mail.


#4 - PropertyResearch Form

·      Use this form when you are on the run and you like pen and paper.

·      Could be more convenient than pulling up step 2 on your phone.


#3 - How toFill Out a Contract

·      All REIPro contracts are under the ‘My Office’ tab.

·      Watch training videos by clicking the TV icon.


#2 - DEALPro –Your All-In-One Analysis Tool

·      Your all in one deal analysis tool that analyzes just about every possiblescenario.

·      Watch our training videos in DEALPro to learn more.


#1 - TeamEdition Plan - 25% off Printing Costs

·      Our team plan can you save you money when you mail a lot of postcards everymonth.

·      Our team plan comes with a suite full of features designed to make yourbusiness run smoother.

·      You can upgrade your account under the ‘My Account’ tab at the top of yourscreen and select Account Home. Then click the subscription tab and upgrade.


Made with lots of and in Georgia