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10 Things You May Not Know About REIPro
Chris Goff



#10 - Quick Property Lookup

·       Search by Property Address

·       Search by APN #

·       Search by Owner Name


#9 - Comparable Sales – Clickable Address

·       Determining the best After Repaired Value (ARV) is also based on the condition of sold properties.

·       When running comparable sales, click the address in the comps list and search for any pictures online to determine the condition of the property when it was sold.

#8 - Search for Potential Equity in LEADPro

·       Determining the potential amount of equity in a property will help you make smarter offers, which will increase the amount of deals you do.

·       Use the LTV filter in the ‘More’ filter box in LEADPro.


#7 - Self Help Section of REIPro (Help Center)

·       Our Help Center is designed to help you find the answers to your most pressing questions.

·       Our Live phone and chat support is available Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm (est)


#6 - Searching for Phone Numbers

·       Search for phone numbers in step 2 under any property that has been added to REIPro.

·       Our skip trace report shows you unlisted and cell phone numbers as well as approximate age, deceased indicator and when the phone number was last reported.


#5 - Creating a Duplicate Campaign in Direct Mail

·       Great for re-marketing a previous mailed campaign in direct mail.


#4 - Property Research Form

·       Use this form when you are on the run and you like pen and paper.

·       Could be more convenient than pulling up step 2 on your phone.


#3 - How to Fill Out a Contract

·       All REIPro contracts are under the ‘My Office’ tab.

·       Watch training videos by clicking the TV icon.


#2 - DEALPro – Your All-In-One Analysis Tool

·       Your all in one deal analysis tool that analyzes just about every possible scenario.

·       Watch our training videos in DEALPro to learn more.


#1 - Team Edition Plan - 25% off Printing Costs

·       Our team plan can you save you money when you mail a lot of postcards every month.

·       Our team plan comes with a suite full of features designed to make your business run smoother.

·       You can upgrade your account under the ‘My Account’ tab at the top of your screen and select Account Home. Then click the subscription tab and upgrade.