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Eliminate One Of The Biggest Causes Of Stress!
Chris Goff

Here’s My Lesson On How Not To Make A Living…


One of the biggest causes of stress in the home is not having enough money. It’s also one of the largest reasons most of us can’t ever realize our full potential. But… did you know the number one source for not having enough?


Beyond circumstance — the number one reason most people won’t ever truly live the life they want to live is owing to what I like to call “if-itus”.


“If only I can get through just one more year. Next year the economy is sure to change and maybe then I’ll be able to get a better job.”


“If only I can get a small raise next month, I’ll be able to pay off all these credit cards hanging over my head.”


“If only I can get more overtime hours. Surely then I’ll have enough left over each month to start investing.”


“If only I had more time, I’d take those courses to upgrade my skills and get that job/promotion.”


The “ifs” in life seldom bring the solutions they seek. By the time they have that slight raise in pay, or that year-end bonus, many find it spent before they even have a chance to enjoy it — just catching up from being behind for so long.


“If-itis” is closely related to “until-itus” For example… “I can’t take that trip to Disney with the family until I’ve paid off the car.”


Have you ever heard this expression? “The harder I work, the farther behind I get.”

This is a statement that is …thought …whispered …stated …by thousands of people every day. There is another well-known expression… “Work smarter — not harder.”


The wealthy know the expression well, and put it into practice every single day. What happens? Here’s another common expression … “The rich get richer.”


I don’t have to tell you the other half to that expression. We all know what happens to the poor that DON’T learn how to work smarter, right?


Why? Because it will give you a solid concrete option for working SMARTER — not harder — and has the potential to launch you onto the path the rich already know about.


Don’t suffer with “if-itus” …or postpone living with “until-itus” for the rest of your life. It’s time to LIVE — now — in the MOMENT!