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How Do You Help Yourself Help Others
Chris Goff

What would you do if you won money in the lottery? What
about coming into a large sum from an inheritance?


You would probably do the expected things like:


Buy a very fancy car…or two?

Go on a vacation around the world?

Buy houses for every member of your family?

Take all your friends to Vegas for shows?

Pay all your families bills?

Buy yourself a huge beach house in Florida?

And the list goes on!


But, how practical is that kind of thinking? What are the
odds of getting that lucky? Pretty low, huh?


So, shouldn’t you be thinking of a realistic way to start
making extra cash flow to be able to do some of these things, at least to buy
that fancy car?


So what do you do? What you can easily do is start training
your mind to not accept the status quo. Look at how you can start developing
strong mind habits. Research ways to set up daily goals that will accelerate
your thought process to push you past your sticking points that will start you
on daily habits. Once you’ve found what you feel is the way to go then commit
and do it. You’ll not only help yourself but in the long run you’ll be giving
back to your community and helping a heck of a lot of folks along the way.


That’s what we at REIPro are all about. If you are looking
for a way, a focus, guidance to making that extra cash flow to help you now and
to plan for your future and to help others, take a look at us.


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