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How to Lease Option Real Estate without Money or Credit Part 2 of 3
Chris Goff

We continue our training with part 2 of How to Lease Option Real Estate and Make $5K - $20K a Month.

You will Learn How to:

  • Run Comparable Sales: We will research comparable sales to determine the best after repaired value.
  • ‍Learn to Make Lease Option Offers: You will learn how to create a lease option offer on a REAL home for sale. I'm also going to teach you how to create multiple lease option offers. 
  • ‍How You Can Pay the Seller Full Price on Expensive Homes and Still Make Money: YES, you can pay the seller full price and still walk away with cash in your pocket. 
  • ‍Lease Option Contract: We will fill out a REALACTUAL CONTRACT, line by line with the seller.