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How to Lease Option Real Estate without Money or Credit Part 3 of 3
Chris Goff

You’ll Learn:


·      Prevent the Seller from Going Around Your Back: In Step 6, you'll learn how to secure every real estate deal from this day forward.


·      Marketing for Lease Option Buyers: There is specific language you'll need to know to build your marketing ads. We will cover exactly how to write the headline, body and call to action.


·      Lease Option Contract with Buyers: We will fill out a REAL, ACTUAL CONTRACT, line by line with the buyer.


·      How to Close the Deal: You will finally learn how to close the deal, duplicate and build a business with lease options.


More good news is that you don’t need to be an experienced investor, have a college degree, work the business full time or have a Real Estate License to get started in the Lease-Option business.