How to Make Multiple Offers as a Real Estate Investor

Chris Goff

Make 3 Offers at the same time:


All Cash Offer: This doesn’t mean your cash, itsimply means that you are paying the seller in one lump sum. You could bewholesaling the home or purchasing it yourself to do a rehab or rent it out.Either way, you must get it at a discount price. Our All Cash Offer Formula instep 4 of any property is a sure-fire way to make the correct offer to theseller.


Seller Finance Offer: One of the most profitablestrategies and is a great way to purchase property without going to the bank.


Lease Option Offer: This is what we call a ‘Terms’offer. Meaning… how much down, month and how long can I do this for (days,months, years).


Now,most sellers rank each offer based on Sales Price. This is why I want you to setyour sales prices as follows:


1)     All Cash: Lowest

2)    Seller Finance: Middle

3)    Lease Option: Highest




CashOffer = $150K

SellerFinance Offer: $170K

LeaseOption Offer: $185K


Here,you are giving the seller options and forces them to choose one, instead ofjust saying NO. Even if your seller says that they cannot take payments, offerit anyways, because what they say in the beginning may be different than whatthey accept.

Whenyou make multiple offers, each offer has its positives and negatives. Althoughthe cash offer may be the lowest on sales price, they will receive all theirmoney upfront. If they want more on the sales price, they may elect to go withone of your other offers. Either way, you just need them to say yes to one ofthem.


Startmaking multiple offers and watch your acceptance ratio go up, increasing salesand helping more people.



UseREIPro’s Deal Analyzer and step 4 to make the offers and always try to presentthem in person.

Made with lots of and in Georgia