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The Dabblers Group vs Serious Group
Chris Goff

What type of potential Real Estate investor group do you belong to? We have identified 2 groups, the Dabbler Group or the Serious Group.


The Dabbler Group attends all the seminars they can. At times, they purchase things that are sold at these seminars and have selves filled with Real Estate information that has so much dust on them it could be considered an environmental waste site! They tune in to every webinar that they can and copy down all the information provided.


The problem is that they never go any further with that information. They never take the steps required to move on and be successful.


The Serious Group is filled with responsible folks. They know that their responsibilities outweigh their leisure time. That their family comes first. They know that they have to take the step, to pull that trigger that will get them to be accomplished in whatever endeavor they choose to involve themselves in.


They are the ones that do step forward and make that decision.


Which group do you belong to and are you willing to change groups?