What's Your Big Question?

Bo Manry

As I am on a flight back to Atlanta, I am reflecting on the last several days where Chris and I just attended a red-carpet event in Hollywood, CA.  We were receiving an award for our latest best-selling book, co-authored with Larry King, called “The Big Question”.  As I think about what the big question really means in our lives, I can’t help but think about all of you.  Chris and I travel all around the country and time and time again, we hear stories of how you want change in your lives.  You want to learn new skills not only to change your life, but also to help others and make the world a better place.  It is in these moments that I wonder what YOUR big question really is. Maybe, it’s not really a big question at all. The real truth for many of you might be “The Big Fear”.

I write this post because I get asked big questions all the time.  Questions such as “How do you get started creating a company?” Or, “How do you have so much confidence to do the things you do?”.  I also hear the big fear in many of you as well because you say things like “I see others doing it, but I am not sure I can”, “If I had more time and money, I might be able to get my business started”.  Well, I am here to tell you that you will never have enough time or money to get started.  You will never get started if you don’t find that purpose that will drive you to continue, when things get difficult.

I can assure all of you reading this that Chris and I didn’t have money when we got started on our entrepreneurial journeys.  We didn’t have someone paving the way for us and showing us how to get it done. We didn’t have a mentor that motivated us to keep going when the times got tough.  No, we didn’t have any of those things.  What we both have in common is a dream and passion for doing something extraordinary, even when we don’t know what the end result will be.  We both feel something deep in our core that motivates us each day to follow our hearts and build something that is going to change lives.  Fear is not something we haven’t experienced, but something that we don’t allow to get in our way.

Having a dream without action is nothing.  Your life will never change until you have faith in yourself to pursue the things you want.  And as I reflect on my life and my journey, I wish nothing more than for all of you reading this to simply go for your dreams.  The perfect time will never come.  There will never be enough money to make you feel secure.  You will never learn enough to know what to do all the time.  But, you will succeed if you have purpose and take action to reach your goals.  I challenge each of you to reflect on where you are along your personal journey.  And, if you aren’t where you want to be, I challenge you to take action and start following your heart so that your dreams and goals can become a reality.  Nothing can stop you, but YOU.

Made with lots of and in Georgia