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Absentee owners refer to homeowners who do not live in their property. This could be due to various reasons, such as owning a rental property, inheriting a property, or simply moving away and leaving the property vacant. Absentee owners can be a valuable source of leads for real estate investors.

Here are a few reasons why Absentee Owners Make Great Deals:

Motivation: Absentee owners are often more motivated to sell their property than owner-occupied homeowners. This could be due to various factors, such as wanting to liquidate an investment property or avoid dealing with the hassle of managing a rental property from afar.

Potential for distressed properties: Absentee owners may need more time or resources to properly maintain their property, which can lead to it falling into disrepair. This can create an opportunity for real estate investors to purchase the property at a discount and make repairs to increase its value.

Lower competition: Since absentee owners are not living in the property, they may not be as emotionally attached to it as owner-occupied homeowners. This can make them more likely to consider offers from real estate investors, who can often close quickly and with cash.

Search for Absentee Owner Leads in REIPro, build a direct mail campaign, or skip-trace the owner and call them directly. It's essential to approach absentee owners with empathy and understanding, as they may be dealing with various personal or financial challenges. This is why REIPro has built-in phone scripts to help walk you through asking the right questions and when to ask them.

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