Rehabbing Houses

Flipping houses by purchasing, rehabbing, and selling them to new qualified buyers is a lot of work and could cost much money. With REIPro’s Complete training series, you’ll discover the entire process from start to paycheck.

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Are You Ready To Rehab Houses?

Rehabbing houses can be a very profitable strategy in your toolbox. The key is finding properties in areas where qualified buyers want to buy. REIPro’s lead generation tool will quickly narrow your search results by neighborhood and school boundaries. Next, you need to be good at running the numbers. REIPro comes complete with calculating repair costs, determining the After Repaired Value (ARV), and making the correct offer. You’ll also be able to analyze your exit strategy in every way possible with our Deal Analyzer, DEALPro. After purchase and rehab, REIPro can even write your marketing ad to get it sold quickly.

  • 12+ Hours of Wholesaling Education
  • 20+ Marketing Templates
  • Purchase Contracts
  • Step-by-Step Workflow
  • Rehabbing Checklist
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"First Flip and $134,717.01 in My Pocket!

The bookkeeper had completed all the numbers and I made $134,717.01. Not bragging but just really excited that it was my first flip and I did that well."

-Roy Turner