Seller Financing Real Estate

When you seller finance property from property owners, you can buy property without a credit check or applying for a loan. This will allow you to buy as many properties as you can get your hands on.

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Unlock Your Investment Potential with Seller Financing!

The advantages of seller financing are we pay the seller a fixed interest rate (lower than bank financing), we pay the seller a small down payment or, better yet, no down payment (less than bank financing), we pay lower closing costs than bank financing and seller financing does not show up on our credit report. REIPro will walk you through our Seller Finance System, teaching you how to purchase properties without going to a bank.

  • 15+ Hours of Seller Financing Education
  • Sub-To/Wraps and More!
  • 12+ Marketing Templates
  • Step-by-Step Workflow
  • Seller Finance Offer Formula
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"I just purchased this beach house with seller financing at: $900K, $60K in rehab and it will rent for $3,000 - $5,000 per week as a vacation rental.


I will profit $8K - $10K a month in positive cashflow. Thanks again for everyone’s knowledge and support."


-Steve Gordon