Owner Occupied Properties

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Real Estate Agents Love to Market Owner Occupied Properties

Owner-occupied leads refer to properties where the owner currently resides in the home. These types of leads can be valuable for both real estate investors and agents for several reasons:

Potential Sellers: Homeowners living in a property may be more motivated to sell if they have a reason, such as a job transfer or the need for a larger or smaller home. This presents an opportunity for real estate investors or agents to reach out and offer their services.

Potential Buyers: Owner-occupied homes may also present opportunities for real estate agents to find buyers for other properties. For example, a homeowner may be looking to upgrade to a larger home or downsize to a smaller one, allowing an agent to market other properties in the area.

Relationship Building: Real estate investors or agents can build relationships with potential clients by reaching out to owner-occupied leads. Even if the homeowner is not currently interested in buying or selling, staying in touch and providing helpful information can keep the investor or agent in mind when they are ready to move.

Search for Owner Occupied Leads in REIPro, build a direct mail campaign, or skip-trace the owner and call them directly.

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