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A vacant lead is defined as a property that the United States Post Office will not deliver mail to. This happens when a property has been unoccupied for about 90 days. This will be the fastest way to wholesale a property, and it’s already at your fingertips. REIPro’s lead generation is engineered to unearth these hidden gems and deliver them to your screen in seconds.

Vacant property leads can be a great opportunity for real estate investors for several reasons:

Increased motivation: Homeowners who own vacant properties may be more motivated to sell because they do not generate any rental income or live in the property. This increased motivation can lead to more flexible negotiations and potentially lower purchase prices.

Potential for distressed properties: Vacant properties are often left vacant for reasons such as financial distress, divorce, or a death in the family. This can make it more likely that the property is in need of repairs or has other issues, which can provide opportunities for investors to purchase the property at a discount and add value through renovations or other improvements.

Less competition: Because vacant properties may not be listed on the market, there may be less competition from other investors or homebuyers. This can allow an investor to negotiate directly with the homeowner and potentially secure a better deal.

Potential for creative financing: If the property is in need of repairs or other improvements, investors may be able to use creative financing options such as a lease option or owner financing to acquire the property. This can provide investors with additional flexibility and potentially lower upfront costs.

Overall, vacant property leads are valuable opportunities for real estate investors looking to acquire properties at a discount and add value through renovations or other improvements.

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