Wholesaling Real Estate

This is the business of locating properties (usually needing repairs) at bargain prices and quickly passing them to investors/landlords at prices well below market. Unless you have access to an extensive credit line, partners, or real cash, you cannot buy a lot of the great deals. The best alternative is to tie up the property with a contract and look for a new buyer to pay you more than you have to give the seller.

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The Ultimate Training for Wholesaling Houses

With REIPro’s Wholesaling Training, you’ll have all the education, tools, and systems in one place. From finding distressed properties, marketing tools, skip tracing, phone scripts, inspection forms, running comps, calculating cash offers, contracts, finding buyers, and closing the deal. REIPro has everything you need to master the Wholesaling business.

  • 15+ Hours of Wholesaling Education
  • 20+ Marketing Templates
  • Wholesaling Contracts
  • Step-by-Step Workflow
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“I completed my 1st wholesale deal and it would not have been possible or easy without following the 10-step system in REIPro. You guys make real estate investing possible for everyone. Each time I listen to a webinar, I feel like Chris and Bo truly care about my success. You guys are very personable which feels like we're family. I have the $11,000 check to prove it!

Thank you all for caring and creating this invaluable tool. On to the next one!”

-Samuel Douglass