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Build unlimited custom direct mail campaigns from quality leads and get great results. Add leads to any campaign, at any time. Export your campaign lists, print letters on-demand, order postcards with our easy printing service, create multi-touch postcard campaigns, and archive a campaign for follow-up, all in one place.

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Direct Mail Marketing is a very effective tool to get people to call. Direct Mail is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your real estate investing business. You need people to say WOW, and read it. REIPro has carefully designed and tested our Direct Mail marketing pieces to get sellers to take action.

Discover the Secret to Finding Hidden Real Estate Investment Gems with Our Postcard Marketing Services

Our postcard marketing templates are designed to be eye-catching and effective, and we can help you to create a campaign that will grab the attention of potential sellers and generate leads for your business.

REIPro lets you create and send postcards in one easy step... allowing you to get a jump on the competition and potentially acquire properties at a discount. Reach more sellers and buyers in less time, for less money, with less effort.

23 Postcard Categories for Every Type of Seller

Choose from over 90 postcards in 23 different categories or upload your design, then easily manage every aspect of your campaign.

  • There is NO 1 shoe fits all approach when marketing sellers. REIPro gives you multiple marketing templates.
  • Templates for every type of real estate investor.
  • Hits them right at the mailbox, don't have to open an envelope.
  • All Templates are included for FREE!









Multiple Campaign Workflows

Select Your
Mailing Frequency

Select Your Own
Print Date

Do Not Mail

Real Time

Import a Custom Postcard/Letter

Unlock the Power of Personalized Communication with Our Direct Mail Letters

If you prefer a more personal or specialized form of marketing, sending a letter is an excellent approach for reaching potential sellers. REIPro has over 20 templates to choose from or upload your own.

  • Print-on-demand or an entire marketing campaign.
  • Download our template, add your personal touch, and re-upload.
  • All Templates are included for FREE!

Sweep, Clean, and Remove Duplicates from Your Lists

Let this detailed service tidy up your list by running a change of address sweep through the NCOA and standardize addresses according to the USPS. LISTMaid will also check for duplicates and properties in your Do Not Mail List. This simple step maximizes deliverability and minimizes returned mail, saving you money on mailers that won’t be delivered.

I have been in real estate investments in the Memphis area for over 15 years and the biggest drawback in my business was marketing. This system has made sending out consistent marketing to my potential buyers and sellers very easy.

-David Kinkade

Find Your Next Real Estate Investment Opportunity with Our Direct Mail Marketing Services

Whether you're a seasoned real estate investor or just starting out, direct mail marketing can help you to build your portfolio and achieve your investment goals. Don't wait - we can help you find your next profitable real estate investment opportunity.

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