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No matter how advanced, a Software Program can’t magically wave a wand and make money for you. You need Education and Systems, otherwise, the Data in front of you means nothing. As you educate yourself, you learn that data and systems are necessary for building a successful real estate investing business.

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Real Estate Investing Education for the Real World

REIPro was created by two In-the-Trenches real estate investors passionate about education. Chris Goff and Bo Manry's combined expertise provide this incredible POWERHOUSE Investing tool AND the Education to turn Dreamers into Doers. REIPro will change your life if you let it.

REIPro Talk

Welcome to REI ProTalk, where real estate investors turn for the latest news, tips, and tricks from the REAL, in-the-trenches PRO’s.


Tune in to hear Chris Goff, the Nation’s premier real estate investing POWERHOUSE, join up with other top PRO’s in the investing world, as they cover every topic… No fluff or filler. No Holds Barred.

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Learn How to Wholesale Houses Without Money or Credit!

The business of locating properties (usually needing repairs) at bargain prices and quickly passing them to investors/landlords at prices well below retail.

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Master the Art of Rehabbing Houses!

The business of locating, purchasing, and rehabbing properties needing repairs. The properties are then sold to new qualified buyers at retail prices.

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Harness the Power of Lease Options for Real Estate Investors!

Simply defined, a lease option combines a lease agreement with a purchase agreement. Through a lease-option agreement, a buyer leases a property and then has the right or “option” to purchase on or before the end of that agreement.

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Seize Opportunities with Seller Financing!

The business of creating financing to purchase properties. This allows you to sell acting as the bank, receiving monthly payments, without using any lending institution involved in the transaction.

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Uncover Lucrative Investment Opportunities Before Anyone Else!

The business of working with owners that have fallen behind on payments. A Step-by-Step Training Series that teaches you the process of helping people that are facing foreclosure.

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Learn How to Market Your Business with Explosive Success!

Learn our 6-Step Marketing Formula to put your Real Estate Investing Business Front and Center. This formula will help create that emotion to sell your product or service.

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REIPro Help Videos and Training Center!

Welcome to our Video Help Center, your one-stop destination for empowering resources and expert guidance in the world of real estate investing and how to best use REIPro. We understand that navigating the complexities of software can be challenging, which is why we have curated a comprehensive library of videos designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

On-going Training with the Founders of REIPro!

LIVE training sessions where the founders will personally answer your most pressing question. These sessions were created to help YOU get the answers to your most burning questions. And is a benefit of being a REIPro member. So, take FULL advantage of your benefit and join us for these extremely educational sessions.









Membership has its Benefits.

Our guides are created by industry experts with years of experience in real estate investing, and they offer practical advice and actionable insights that can help our members to achieve their investment goals. With your membership, you'll have access to a wealth of valuable information and resources to help you make informed investment decisions and build a profitable real estate investing business.

$495 Value - Included with Your REIPro Membership.

“REIPro is the Greatest thing since slice bread!! Extremely informative, it connects the dots! God bless you all, Chris and Bo!”

- Catrell McCullock

“Chris Goff is one of the most sought after Real Estate educators in the country. He has spent his whole life helping others succeed in Real Estate.”  

- Brian Tracy - New York Times Best Selling Author

"REIPro gives you full on information day one, so can apply it and become successful."

- Michael and Jackie Emmers - Houston, TX

"Chris teaches you how to look at each deal differently, so you have multiple options."

- Eric Van Gorkom - Austin, TX

“The videos and REIPro combined gave me the confidence to finally act. I have a property under contract for purchase. I should net about $10,000 on this deal, and it was your program that gave me the confidence to get off my backside and just do it.”

- Van Ward

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