10 Executable Step System for Real Estate Investors

Using REIPro's 10 Executable Step Workflow System. Never worry about what to do next. Each lead has its own workflow, detailing which steps you’ve completed and what’s left to do… from start to payday!

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Stay on Track and Close More Real Estate Deals

Our 10 Executable Step Workflow System is Simplifying the Process.

REIPro was thoughtfully designed for New and Experienced Investors and Agents who need a COMPLETE system… from finding leads to closing them.

This system is built into REIPro and walks you through the buying and selling process. No matter if you’re Wholesaling, Rehabbing, Working Lease Options, or Seller Financing. As you complete each step, you’ll mark the step complete. Here, you’ll know exactly where you left off with every lead.

By following these steps, real estate investors can increase their chances of success.

Executable Step Tracker

REIPro's Executable Step Tracker quickly filters down your property list based on which step you left off with. Example: I have 4 properties under contract, need to inspect 8, have called 12, and 3 offers were made.

Property Analytics

REIPro’s property analytics tools uses various data sources, including public records, MLS, and proprietary databases, to provide investors with accurate and up-to-date information on properties and real estate markets. This information can help investors to identify investment opportunities, evaluate risks, and make informed decisions about buying, selling, or holding properties.

Research Vital Property Information

Researching property information is essential for real estate investors, as it helps you make informed decisions about potential investments and avoid costly mistakes. REIPro gives you a detailed overview that includes the property's estimated value, owner information, last sold date and price, tax info, mortgage info, deed transfer history, and other important information to help you identify any potential issues or challenges that could impact your investment.

Upload Pictures

By uploading property pictures, you can visually showcase a property's appearance, features, and condition to potential buyers, tenants, or interested parties.

Notes, Reminders, and Follow Up's

Record and reference property-specific information, facilitating organization, communication, and efficient management of properties.

Document Storage

Store property-related files, such as contracts, leases, deeds, property surveys, insurance policies, HOA docs, and other documents, securely and organized.

Property Tags

Add Property tags for the purpose of categorization, organization, and easier identification.

Star Ratings

With our star rating system, you can quickly assess a property's quality, value, and potential, enabling you to confidently make informed decisions.

Set Favorites

With our Property Favorite feature, you can easily curate a personalized collection of properties that catch your eye and meet your specific criteria.

Chat Feature

Users to engage in real-time conversations or exchange messages through a digital platform.
*Team plan only.

Share Properties

It allows multiple users to collaborate, view, edit, or use the shared property.

*Team plan only.

Contact Property Owners Fast

REIPro’s Skip tracing service locates owners' contact information so you can quickly reach out to them in regard to a property they own. Save your results or export them. Individual and Bulk Skip Tracing is available on all plans.

Basic Search Includes:

  • Up to 3 Phone Numbers
  • Up to 3 Cell Numbers
  • Any Emails Found


Premium Search Includes:

  • All Owner Contact Info
  • Address History
  • Deceased Indicator
  • Other Observed Names
  • Nearest Relative Contact Info

Skip tracing starts as low as $.13

Powerful Phone Scripts

Your Key to Engaging Conversations and Closing Deals!

You’ll be miles ahead of the competition when you have direct access to the owner, along with REIPro’s comprehensive cache of phone scripts and property owner questions that will help you qualify your prospects to get the results you need more efficiently, saving you time and money.

You can also customize unlimited phone scripts that suit your company's needs and style.

Quickly Estimate Repair Costs

By accurately calculating repairs, investors can budget effectively and ensure that their renovation plans align with their overall investment goals.

  • Create Custom Templates
  • Budgeted VS Actual Costs
  • Progress Checklist
  • Quickly Calculate Repair Costs
  • Print a Blank or Completed Inspection Form
  • Free Resources for Local Pricing

Comparable Sales

Discover Comparable Sales for Informed Real Estate Decisions!

The after-repaired value (ARV) is the property's estimated value after all necessary repairs or renovations have been completed. By determining the ARV, investors can better understand the potential return on their investment and make informed decisions about whether or not to pursue a particular property. REIPro’s Comp engine is updated daily, giving you the most up-to-date information.

Here’s an All-Access Comparables Pass that allows you to...

  • County Recorded Sales (All 50 States)
  • ‍MLS Sales Price (All 50 States)
  • ‍MLS Sales Date (All 50 States)
  • Filter Your Search Criteria
  • Sort In Multiple Ways
  • Quickly Calculate Your ARV
  • Print, Download, or Email Comps Report

Deal Analyzer

Analyze Every Deal, Every Way and Make Smarter Investment Decisions

REIPro’s deal analyzer can run a financial analysis on any property for every situation. Maximize your profit potential and make wise investment decisions by analyzing multiple scenarios. It’s like having your very own personal financial advisor.

You can analyze multiple purchasing and exit strategies simultaneously no matter the real estate investment strategy.

This is our 5th deal this year. We may not do 100's of deals but we definitely do very large spreads thanks to the Deal Analyzer, Comps and 10 Steps that REIPro provides. It makes everything easy so that you have more time to negotiate with the seller or the end buyer. This was an out of state virtual offer to seller for $89K, assignment fee at $41K, and $130K to end buyer. ARV is $305K. Thats a Deal!

— Cash House Buyers Team LLC

Make Multiple Offers

Get more offers accepted.

Making multiple offers is the secret weapon to building wealth in real estate. Print or Email offers with our offer letter templates or create and upload your own. Making the correct offer is crucial for real estate investors... we've mastered this.

  • Cash Offer
    Quickly calculate your best cash offer for Wholesalers and Rehabbers.
  • Lease Option Offer
    You'll be amazed at what you can offer the seller with Lease Options.
  • Seller Finance Offer
    Craft the perfect Seller Finance offer using our proven formula.
  • Pre-foreclosure Offer
    Just fill in the blanks and we'll let you know what you can offer.

Contracts and Writer

Real estate contracts are crucial for protecting the interests of both buyers and sellers and ensuring that all parties understand their rights and responsibilities in a real estate transaction. REIPro comes with a basic suite of contracts and training videos.


With REIPro’s Contract Writer, simply fill in the blanks, then download, print, or email the seller or buyer right from the system.

Contracts Dashboard

Coming Soon!

This innovative tool will revolutionize how you manage your real estate contracts. From properties under contract to closed deals, everything will be at your fingertips!


But that's not all! Our dashboard also includes cutting-edge analytics to measure your performance and total income. It’s time to take your real estate game to a whole new level!

REIPro's Contract Dashboard

"REIPros marketing pieces, lead generation system, educational videos, and other tools are highly effective and are useful of making REI novices look like experts."

-Denise Johnson

Unleash the Power of our Marketing Ad Writer

Supercharge Your Real Estate Success!

Now it’s time to find buyers and REIPro will make you look like a professional marketing expert with our internal ad writer. That’s right, REIPro will develop a professional and effective ad to sell your property and build your buyers list. You can even create flyers and email your buyers list inside REIPro.

  • Create Investor Ads
    Find reputable investors to fund your projects and show them you're a professional they can trust, with quality ads from REIPro.
  • Create Lease Option Buyer Ads
    Target buyers who need a non-traditional solution to meet their needs.
  • Create Seller Finance Buyer Ads
    Give your business a real boost by bringing ideal seller situations to your door.
  • Create Traditional Buyer Ads
    Cover every aspect of your business by creating ads for any buyer you need.
  • Create Custom Ads
    Easily create custom ads.

Search for Local Title Companies

Once you have a signed contract with the seller, you must take the contracts to either a Real Estate Attorney or Title Company. Title Companies are the most widely used businesses to close real estate transactions. A title company researches the property’s title to ensure that the title has no defects.


In general, Title Companies are used for traditional sales which usually include a Seller, Buyer, Realtor, and Bank. 99% of all closings use a Title Company.


A Good Real Estate Attorney will understand traditional and non-traditional closings. This is to your benefit!


REIPro makes it easy to search over 18,000 nationwide (Not affiliated with REIPro), found in Step 9 of each property details page.

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"First Flip and $134,717.01 in My Pocket! The bookkeeper had completed all the numbers and I made $134,717.01. Not bragging but just really excited that it was my first flip and I did that well."

- Roy Turner

"I made $47K on one deal using Chris Goff's methods. I learned how to make multiple offers instead of only one low offer and that's something I wasn't able to do in the past."

- Nanette Swieckowski

"I just closed our first wholesale/pre-foreclosure deal and made $5K."

- Kenneth Barney

"I just completed my first lease option deal and walked away with $23,600 in total profit!"

- Bridget Hendrix

"After learning your methods, I seller financed a pharmacy for $800K with no money down. I have gained instant equity of $400K. The skills I learned from you will remain invaluable to me as I continue investing in Real Estate."

- Debbie Smith

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