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Leads. Without them, you have no business. That’s why REIPro delivers the most current data from only the most reliable lead sources and makes it easy to pinpoint EXACTLY the type of situations you’re looking for.

Search 150 million leads at your fingertips.

Finding Motivated Sellers has never been easier. REIPro locates and refines leads in just about any situation you can think of.
Vacant Properties
Properties that are currently flagged vacant.
2+ Million Leads
Absentee Owners
Owner doesn't live in the property.
68 Million Leads
Homeowner is behind on payments
2.7 Million Leads
Bank Owned
Properties owned by the bank (REO).
72,000 Leads
High & Low Equity
Properties with more or less than 30% equity.
19.7 Million Leads
Free & Clear
Properties that have no recorded mortgage.
19 Million Leads
Upside Down
Properties that owe more than the current value
53 Million Leads
Properties that are owned by a trusts.
10 Million Leads

Also... search for nationwide investors.

With unlimited deal potential right at your fingertips, you’ll be needing a larger pool of investors to market to. REIPro’s got you covered.

Fine-tune your target market.

Filter your list by Price, Potential Equity, Bedrooms, Baths and so MUCH more. Even add multiple locations in the same search.
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Lot Size
Year Built
Date Last Sold
Owner Type
Property Size
Potential Equity
And More!

See potential equity amounts.

By cross-referencing original loan amounts and current market values, REIPro makes it easy for you to analyze potential profit in an individual deal. Want it even easier? Filter search to sort by potential equity!

Leads you can market to, right now.

Generating leads is essential for building a real estate investing business. REIPro is always on the job, providing unlimited access to the most current leads across the country, researching county tax assessors and courthouse records and updating every morning, Monday through Friday.

The opportunities are endless.

Unlimited pulls, research, analyze and market to.
Are you a new investor and unsure what to do first? REIPro is the perfect place to get started, and we’ve got a great way to organize your next steps!
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