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  • Vacant Leads
    Properties that are currently flagged vacant.
  • Absentee Owner Leads
    Individuals/companies that own real estate, but do not live in it.
  • Pre-foreclosure Leads
    Homeowner is behind on payments.
  • Auction Leads
    Properties that are currently scheduled for auction.
  • Bank Owned Leads
    Properties owned by the bank (REO).
  • Trust Properties
    Properties owned by a trust.
  • High Equity Leads
    Properties with at least 30% equity.
  • Low Equity Leads
    Properties with less that 30% equity.
  • Upside Down
    Properties that were purchased for more than current value.
  • Free & Clear of any Mortgages
    Properties that have no recorded mortgage.
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Cash Buyers
REIPro searches nationwide for individuals and companies that have purchased real estate using their own cash and have no loans attached to the property. Find the buyer, potential investor and/or partner for your next real estate deal. REIPro’s investor marketing postcards, scripts and materials will help you find and build that relationship.
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REIPro allows you to refine search criteria for a more accurate list of leads to match your buying profile. REIPro even gives you the capability to eliminate businesses from your results list... and so much more!
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  • Purchase Date
  • Equity
  • Subdivision
  • And more!
See Potential Equity Amounts
By cross-referencing original loan amounts and current market values, REIPro makes it easy for you to analyze potential profit in an individual deal. Want it even easier? Filter search to sort by potential equity!
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Generating leads is essential for building a real estate investing business. REIPro is always on the job, providing unlimited access to the most current leads across the country, researching county tax assessors and courthouse records and updating every morning, Monday through Friday.
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