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I completed my 1st wholesale deal yesterday and it would not have been possible or easy without following the 10-step system in REIPro. You guys make real estate investing possible for everyone. Each time I listen to a webinar or watch a YouTube video, I feel like Chris and Bo truly care about my success. You guys are very personable which feels like we're family.

I have the $11,000 check to prove it!

Thank you all for caring and creating this invaluable tool. On to the next one!

Samuel Douglas

I watched several of Chris's videos on YouTube and started a free trial of REIPro about 3 days ago. The videos and REIPro combined gave me the confidence to finally act. I have a property under contract for purchase for $39K and have tenant/buyers under contract for $575/mo and $46K purchase price on a lease option. I should net about $10,000 on this deal, and it was your program that gave me the confidence to get off my backside and just do it.

Van Ward

First Flip and $134,717.01 in My Pocket!

The bookkeeper had completed all the numbers and I made $134,717.01. Not bragging but just really excited that it was my first flip and I did that well.

Roy Turner

“I am still learning the REIPro software and all it can do; however, it has been pretty easy to use and I look forward to the new changes.”

Randolph Gardner

“What I love about REIPro is how user friendly it is. The flow is seamless when it comes to other systems I have tried.  The CRM has great tools that allowed me to see the entire real estate business under one big umbrella.”

Gregory E. Rayford

“REIPro is a very organized and easy software. All I need for by business is all together in one system.”

Jannny Beach

“REIPro is the best investor software available, I feel that I am prepared to be successful in this business.”

Chris Brown

“REIPro is great.  Love the functionality and the built-in tools to make finding information easy.”

Rafet Aviles

“I find it to be a great research and data management tool.  This staff is also so incredibly helpful and always so welcoming and accessible.”

Francisco Ponsa

“Using the REIPro software was very easy to become accustomed to.  The U.I. is simple and everything is laid out step by step."

Brian Willis

"With REIPro, it does it for you.  REIPro is a great resource that has got us where we are in our Real Estate investing."

Eddie Sansom

"The Executable steps and REIPro provide and encapsulate what Napoleon Hill wrote in Think and Grow Rich about 'Specialized Knowledge and Organized Planning'."

Bob K.

"Chris, you are one of the VERY FEW truth tellers in this industry. I am a very happy user of REIPRO. This comment is not solicited! Thank you for this training. I appreciate you!"

Melodee Lucido

"The amount of time REI Pro has saved me simply from an organization standpoint has been worth EVERY PENNY - and that's not even counting the additional deals I've picked up using LEADPro."

Adam Johnson

"I've been with REIPro for a couple years now. And REIPro is my ONLY REI CRM and Marketing System. I've tried at least a dozen other companies out there but non of them can match what REIPro has done."

Roger Bickley

"I want to thank REIPro, Chris Goff and Bo Manry's software to help me to do my first subject to existing financing deal in GA with a homeowner who was a pre-foreclosure lead from this system. This will give me a profit of $7,500.00."

Talibah C.

"I've sent out 3 separate small targeted campaigns with postcards and have set up 2 real estate deals with ease. The total investment for the postcards was under $200 and I'm slated to earn around $12,000 profit. Great system. Thank you."

David Kinkade

"My team and I swear by this system, the tools and resources are so easy to use and I have seen great success in my business. I am a PRO now and I have not been in the real estate game a year yet."

Angelo Mirville

"REIPRO has helped me understand and better organize our acquired properties. So that everyone on the team can be better informed on what’s going on."

Isidro Cantreras

"REIPro is hands-down, THE best real estate CRM in the industry."

Brad Cajuste

"I love this software, it has a lot to offer. I got a couple f calls back from sellers but they were not a deal...but at least I know this program really works."

Jeffrey Hicks

"There aren't enough good things that I can say about REIPro. The REIPro team members that I have worked with having been outstanding and they all operate with high integrity."

Denise Johnson

"REIPro has been a game changer for me. Not only has it saved me an immense amount of time from generating leads, analyzing deals and closing, but because of this platform, I have gone from 1 deal every 3 months or so, to two deals a month."

Tony Paschall
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